Dec 15, 2012

Meeting Tonight!

Tonight is our 3rd meeting of the 2012 - 2013 season.

SFU piper Will Nichoks will be both our piping judge and featured performer, Ted McKnight of Portland Metro Pipe Band is our drumming judge, Brad Walker, PM of Kells Irish Pipes & Drums will be our Local Hero, and the Portland Police Highland Guard is our guest band for the evening!

Competition starts at 4:30, and the evening performance begins at 7:30.

We hope to see you all there! :)

Nov 27, 2012

Exciting Meeting November 17th!

by Matt Bleigh-Cory

Wow!  What an amazing evening's entertainment at OPS!

The performances on Saturday the 17th started off with the clan MacLeay pipe band who are always great fun and very popular with the crowd. :)

Jason Teece, our Local Hero, a piper with the Columbia Regional Pipe Band, and an instructor with the Sir James McDonald Pipe Band, played for an enthralled audience, offering a range of music from marches to jigs, an Irish slow aire (one of my favorites!), a piobaireachd, and he closed with an incredible set of rousing, blistering jigs and a hornpipe!  His recital was too short and he was amazing!

Jori Chisholm absolutely brought the house down as he took us around the world with an international banquet of pipe music in the Scottish, Irish, Cape Breton, Brittany, and Galician traditions. He also included some incredibly fun kitchen piping (again, some of my favorite music of the evening) that got your toe tapping and your hands clapping for more!

Pictures from the competition can be viewed on our Picasa album, and you can also view videos of the performances on our YouTube channel, OPSINPDX Videos.

Don't miss our next meeting coming up on December 15th!  We'll be holding the drawing for our fundraising raffle (email to purchase tickets) where our grand prize is a set of John Walsh poly smallpipes!

We expect another night of great competition and outstanding performances!  See you there!

Nov 15, 2012

Upcoming Meeting on Saturday!

Just a quick reminder that on Saturday we'll be hosting the 2nd meeting of the 2012 - 2013 season.

World renowned piper Jori Chisholm will be both our piping judge and featured performer, Ted McKnight of Portland Metro Pipe Band is our drumming judge, Jason Teece of Columbia Regional Pipe Band will be our Local Hero, and Clan MacLeay Pipe Band is our guest band for the evening!

Competition starts at 4:30, and the evening performance begins at 7:30.

We hope to see you all there! :)

Oct 28, 2012

October 2012 OPS Meeting

Saturday, October 20th was the first meeting of our 2012 - 2013 OPS season, and it was a great night of competition and entertainment!

Many new people showed up for competition and we had so many competitors that our piping judge, Alastair Lee, made the call to stay through half of his dinner hour  in order to hear all the competitors. (Thanks Alastair!)

In addition to two Grade 4 drummers, we had pipers in all Grades 5 through 1 and one chanter competitor.

Jeremy Volz was our Local Hero performer and did a wonderful job! 

Oregon State Defense Force Pipe Band was our featured band for the evening, and they played to the enthusiastic applause of the audience!

Glenn Wright was our drumming judge and we appreciated his coming out and giving our drumming competitors some invaluable feedback.  Thanks Glenn!

Alastair Lee was our piping judge and featured performer.  We appreciate him making time in his busy schedule to adjudicate our competition!  He's an amazing piper and his playing was a treat for all of us.

Follow the links below to look at all the pictures in our Picasa photo album and to view all the performance videos on our YouTube channel OPSINPDX Videos.

Thanks everyone for coming out!

Our next competition is November 17th.  See you all there!


Oct 8, 2012

Columbia Regional Pipe Band Cèilidh

by Matt Bleigh-Cory

The potluck cèilidh hosted by the Columbia Regional Pipe Band was held Saturday night at the Oregon City VFW, just up the street from the Highland Stillhouse.

Attended by the pipers, drummers and families of many different pipe bands, this community-minded event had as its purpose - well, community!

Jason and Amy Teece organized the potluck to provide an opportunity for pipers and drummers of different bands to meet and get to know each other outside of the competitive arena and to have a chance to build a sense of camaraderie.

Those attending the ceilidh were encouraged to bring pipes and drums to take center stage and play if so inclined, and a number of party-goers did just that! Pipers and instructors from the Sir James McDonald Youth Pipe Band, the Portland Police Highland Guard, the Fort Vancouver Pipe Band, the Columbia Regional Pipe Band, the Clan MacLeay Pipes & Drums band, and Kells Irish Pipes & Drums band took turns playing lively, often finger-flying, toe-tapping tunes for their very appreciative audience.

Food that folks brought to share was laid on a buffet style table where drinks & picnic-ware were provided. Seating was arranged around long banquet tables decorated in centerpieces of clustered, frosted cupcakes (made by Amy Teece - they were yummy!), and fall-colored leaves. Children had fun playing with toys or running around the hall together while adults got a chance to chat in groups at table or standing in knots around the hall and pub room.

Toward the end of the evening, pipers and drummers young and old formed a circle and played numerous tunes - Green Hills of Tyrol, Highland Laddie, Scotland the Brave, and Amazing Grace to name a few.

Jason thanked everyone for coming and expressed the hope that the cèilidh was the first of what he would like to become an annual event.

To search for a specific video from the cèilidh to view, click on the PLAYLIST button at the bottom right of the embedded YouTube picture below, or you can just click on the picture to view ALL the videos from the cèilidh.

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Sep 21, 2012

Welcome to our new blog!

by Matt Bleigh-Cory

To kick off our 2012 - 2013 season, and our 25th anniversary, we wanted to put together a new web presence that allowed for greater interactivity with our members.  

This blog belongs to all of you!, and we hope you will visit it often to check out what's happening in the Celtic scene around town, in our state, and in the Pacific Northwest area.  Whenever we learn of an event, concert, ceilidh, or happening of any kind Scottish or Irish, we'll announce it here and post it on our events calendar, and if you know of or are hosting a shindig of your own, shout out to us, and we'll get the word out to everyone in the piping community!

On our blog, you'll be able to: 

* chat about news and events going on all over the piping world
* comment on posts written by volunteers & fellow OPS members & friends
* find links to information sources for piping and related services & merchandise
* view current and past newsletters
* connect to your favorite news sources & fun stuff
* learn about scholarships awarded to OPS members at the close of each OPS competition season
* donate to the OPS mission
* advertise your business or event!

and a bunch more as we grow and develop this site!

So, spread the word, and check back with us often!  Post a link to our blog on your Facebook page, forums you follow or participate in, Twitter, etc.  We want everyone to know we're here!

Welcome to you all!

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