Sep 21, 2012

Welcome to our new blog!

by Matt Bleigh-Cory

To kick off our 2012 - 2013 season, and our 25th anniversary, we wanted to put together a new web presence that allowed for greater interactivity with our members.  

This blog belongs to all of you!, and we hope you will visit it often to check out what's happening in the Celtic scene around town, in our state, and in the Pacific Northwest area.  Whenever we learn of an event, concert, ceilidh, or happening of any kind Scottish or Irish, we'll announce it here and post it on our events calendar, and if you know of or are hosting a shindig of your own, shout out to us, and we'll get the word out to everyone in the piping community!

On our blog, you'll be able to: 

* chat about news and events going on all over the piping world
* comment on posts written by volunteers & fellow OPS members & friends
* find links to information sources for piping and related services & merchandise
* view current and past newsletters
* connect to your favorite news sources & fun stuff
* learn about scholarships awarded to OPS members at the close of each OPS competition season
* donate to the OPS mission
* advertise your business or event!

and a bunch more as we grow and develop this site!

So, spread the word, and check back with us often!  Post a link to our blog on your Facebook page, forums you follow or participate in, Twitter, etc.  We want everyone to know we're here!

Welcome to you all!

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