Oct 28, 2012

October 2012 OPS Meeting

Saturday, October 20th was the first meeting of our 2012 - 2013 OPS season, and it was a great night of competition and entertainment!

Many new people showed up for competition and we had so many competitors that our piping judge, Alastair Lee, made the call to stay through half of his dinner hour  in order to hear all the competitors. (Thanks Alastair!)

In addition to two Grade 4 drummers, we had pipers in all Grades 5 through 1 and one chanter competitor.

Jeremy Volz was our Local Hero performer and did a wonderful job! 

Oregon State Defense Force Pipe Band was our featured band for the evening, and they played to the enthusiastic applause of the audience!

Glenn Wright was our drumming judge and we appreciated his coming out and giving our drumming competitors some invaluable feedback.  Thanks Glenn!

Alastair Lee was our piping judge and featured performer.  We appreciate him making time in his busy schedule to adjudicate our competition!  He's an amazing piper and his playing was a treat for all of us.

Follow the links below to look at all the pictures in our Picasa photo album and to view all the performance videos on our YouTube channel OPSINPDX Videos.

Thanks everyone for coming out!

Our next competition is November 17th.  See you all there!