Mar 6, 2013

A New Home for the OPS?

by Laura Devlin  

Twenty OPS mem-bers and their families visited the Milwaukie Elks Open House on a Sunday afternoon on February 24th to view the club as a possible new home for the OPS!

The group was given a tour of the 60,000sq.ft. family-friendly facility that includes, among many other things, a pool and a bowling alley! OPS visitors were able to see the space we are considering as our new meeting location, the Lodge Room, which is a wood-paneled performance area with a raised stage and high ceiling. The room also has a self-contained bar/ beverage service area (staffed by the Elks when it is rented for events).  Adjacent to the Lodge Room is a meeting room which is a good size for a band tune-up and warm up area.

The Milwaukie Elks facility (which is located 6.3 miles south of the current OPS venue) operates its own full-service restaurant on weekends with steak, chicken, and sandwiches on the menu as well as appetizers and snacks.  There is a full bar in the dining room. The facility is wheelchair accessible, spacious, has abundant parking and is very well-maintained.

Some of the OPS group bowled in the Elk's bowling alley, while others enjoyed martial-arts demonstrations and an exhibition of rabbits running through an agility trial/obstacle-course!

Jack Kelley and Lily Devlin played their bag-pipes for the Elks and their visitors, and some OPS members recalled their family ties to the Milwaukie Elks, who have been in their at location since 1957.

The Milwaukie Lodge is 6.3 miles south of the current OPS venue.  The Relocation Committee is in discussion with the Milwaukie Elks regarding rental of the Lodge Room for OPS events. Additionally, the Relocation Committee has also visited the Milwaukie Masons Lodge, the Milwaukie Odd Fellows Hall, and the Milwaukie VFW and American Legion halls. All venues found within Portland city limits are priced prohibitively high.

Anyone with ideas, questions or comments for the Relocation Committee, please contact Laura devlin at