Sep 22, 2013

Be An Inspiration - Pipers Wanted

Just wanted to write about some questions that come into the OPS from time to time, generally written by people so inspired by their experience with bagpipes that they want to repeat it and/or share it with others...

Below is an email that came in, and I wanted to put the word out to any pipers out there reading our blog.  If you're interested in volunteering a few minutes of playing time, send me an email at, and I'll put you in touch with the person making this request.

Here it is:

"We are a Oregon High school team, in Corvallis. Last Friday we played a game in Southern California.  A local supporter had a friend come and lead the team onto the field playing bagpipes.  It was an incredible scene and our players were REALLY excited.  We'd like to make it a tradition but need a bagpiper.  not looking for anything more than a couple minute walk into a stadium on Friday nights. Not even looking for full dress ... the sound of the pipes carried us in. We played a game in Clackamas [recently, with more games coming up] around Corvallis, Albany, Lebanon and Silverton. Do you know local bagpipers that would want a Friday night sideline pass to some great High school football?"