Sep 28, 2013

OPS Welcomes Ralph Drew as October's Local Hero!

Ralph Drew has been playing the bagpipes off and on for 22 years. He has played locally as a solo player as well as in the Oregon Piper's Society Junior Pipe Band, the Clan MacCleay Pipe Band, and is currently a Pipe Sergeant in the River City Pipe Band. He began instruction under the tutelage of Dave Bueerman, and then took lessons from Jason Teece. 
Ralph took up playing the bagpipes because he loved the sound, and figured if he played he could listen to them whenever he wanted. Ralph has found playing the Bagpipes incredibly rewarding, both for the life experiences that have been afforded due to playing, as well as the camaraderie that can be shared among fellow pipers. Ralph also credits being involved with the Oregon Piper's Society as a youth for being a very positive experience in his formative years.

Ralph plays a set of Kron Heritage Great Highland Pipes with a Ayrfire polypenco chanter, as well as a set of Garvie Borderpipes in the Key of A.