Apr 9, 2015

Portland youth pipers bring home trophies form the BCPA Annual Gathering

Portland youth Raasi Rush, Alexander Macleod bring home two trophies each from the 83rd BCPA Annual Gathering in Surrey BC, April 2015.

Winner of the Edward Esson Trophy for Grade 3 Piobaireachd, and winner of the Rob Barbulak Memorial Shield for Aggregate Grade 3 Piping : Raasi Rush

Winner of the William Lamont Memorial Trophy for Grade 2 MSR, and winner of the Heather MacInnes Collins Memorial Trophy for Aggregate Grade 2 piping: Alexander MacLeod

Special Award for Most Points Overall: Alexander MacLeod

Alexander and Raasi were among a number of young Oregon pipers and drummers who distinguished themselves at the 2015 Annual Gathering:

Grade  2 Snare:  MSR
Lauren Toohey, 5th
Grade 2 Snare: Hornpipe and Jig
Lauren Toohey, 5th

Grade 4 Snare: 2/4 March
Alonso Cruz, 3rd
Grade 4 Snare: 6/8 March
Alonso Cruz, 3rd

Grade 1 Piping: MSR
Jack Toohey: 4th
Grade  Piping: Piobaireachd
Jack Toohey: 2nd

Grade 2 Piping: MSR
Alexander MacLeod: 1st
Grade 2 Piping: Piobaireachd
Alexander MacLeod: 2nd
Grade 2 Piping: Hornpipe and Jig
Alexander MacLeod: 1st

Grade 3 Piping: Strathspey and Reel
Raasi Rush: 1st
Grade 3 Piping: Piobaireachd
Raasi Rush: 1st

Grade 4 Piping: 2/4 March
Dashiell Pederson: 4th
Grade 4 Piping: Strathspey and Reel
Sam Toohey: 1st
Dashiell Pederson: 2nd
Grade 4 Piping: Piobaireachd
Sam Toohey: 5th
Dashiell Pederson: 6th

Cheers to all who competed at the 2015 BCPA Annual Gathering.