Oct 1, 2015

October Performance

Join us for the first Oregon Pipers Society event of the season, on Saturday October 17, 2015. 

We are pleased to have some wonderful musicians perform for us. Our chef Michael Johnston will be preparing Chicken Rice Bowls, and vegetarian Tofu/Mushroom Rice Bowls, served with your choice of sauce: Teriyaki, Green Curry, Yellow Curry, Pumpkin Curry, or Red Curry. The rice bowls will be served with a side salad with choice of dressing. Bring your friends and introduce them to the Oregon Pipers Society! 

With the stand down of the Oregon Defense Force, the Oregon Defense Force Pipe Band was asked to change its name. The band eventually settled on Willamette Valley Pipes and Drums.  The band will continue under the new name and continue the proud tradition started by in 1970 by George Roe and the initial cadre of members.

Willamette Valley Pipes and Drums

The Willamette Valley Pipes & Drums is a non-profit organization with a three-fold mission:  1) to serve our community by providing entertainment through Scottish music, 2) to develop the musical abilities of our members, and 3) to enjoy the friendship that we share because of our love of pipe and drum music. They are lead by Pipe Major Steve Fowler.

Matthew Turnbull
Our Featured Performer is Matthew Turnbull. He is known to many of you as the fellow who prefers to play for the Highland Dancing rather than be on the boards. While Matt doesn't currently compete, he has had an extensive professional curriculum vitae. An accomplished soloist, he has also played with the 78th Frasers under Bill Livingstone, been a Pipe Major of several competing bands and is currently a member of the Bagad Cap Caval. Yep, that Breton Pipe Band from France that plays in the Grade One World Pipe Band Championships on Glasgow Green.

Matt has been invited to give us some musical selections from not only our precious Great Highland Pipe tradition, but also melodies of our Breton cousins.

Our Local Hero is Marco Caturegli. From Marco, "While visiting Victoria, BC in the summer of 1991, I first heard the Great Highland Bagpipe being played by a busker on the street. Instantly I asked where I could purchase one. Following his indications I ended up at a music store and purchased a practice chanter with a "teach yourself" kit and, unfortunately, a Pakistani made bagpipe; but I was lucky enough to receive 1 Lb of true Scottish oats with the deal. Upon returning home to Mexico City I started teaching myself, dedicating 2-3 hours per day on the practice chanter. Eventually I was able to take lessons from World Class players such as Eric Rigler, Angus J. MacLellan , PM Angus MacDonald, John Angus Smith."

"In 1997 I was a founding member of the "St. Patrick's Battalion Pipe Band" (first of its kind in Mexico), to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the "heroic gesture" of Irish and Scottish soldiers which joined the Mexican army in the US-Mexico War of 1847. Pipping became my profession and together with the band, traveled throughout Mexico and Central America playing for whiskey distiller events, political events in the presence of presidents and ambassadors, and celebrities."

"When I moved to WA state in 2000, my bagpiping reached a new level. Thanks to the tutelage and expertise of Jori Chisholm, I won many awards in competitions and was promoted to Grade 1 in 2003 by the Washington and British Columbia Pipers Associations. Putting competitions aside, I focused my efforts on completing a graduate degree in Acupuncture at Bastyr University and creating a family. We now live in Creswell, OR where I provide Acupuncture services, teach bagpipe lessons and play for private engagements. I also play with the Eugene Highlanders Pipe Band."