Sep 28, 2016

Scholarship Winner - Jon Copper

Each year OPS is proud to sponsor music scholarships for pipers and drummers who have participated in OPS competitions throughout the year.  One of our scholarship winners, Jon Copper, shared with us a little bit about his piping experiences. Find out how you can qualify to win an OPS scholarship!

I wish to thank Oregon Pipers Society for this opportunity. I have found that I enjoy piping for adventure. While sailing or hiking. Most of all to support athletes of endurance events, such as Worlds Toughest Mudder. A 24 hour military style obstacle course race, where top athletes put in 90 plus miles. I pipe for 24hrs and put in 15-20 miles for these events.  
During these events I have experienced many equipment failures. Being a relatively new piper, little things are big things to me. I would like to learn how to fine tune reeds, chanters, & drones to improve the sound. Most band practices don't have enough time to dedicate to the depth which I desire.  
I'm looking for an instructor who understands piping for an extended amount of time, and in extreme weather conditions.  
Jon Copper