Dec 18, 2018

Ho Ho Ho it was a fun December Gathering!

Alastair Lee wows the crowd on December 15th with his marvelous piping and creative versions of familiar holiday tunes!

 Did you know you can play 
lower notes by covering the G holes with your thigh?  AMAZING!

Alastair's fingers were flying!


The Celtic Christmas Trio

Scott Taylor preserves the performance while Erin Anderson and his son look on!

Eric Albert was the local hero and gave a  Grade 1 performance!

We had a few more competitors than last month and some new entries which made Grade 5 the hot competition this month!

                      Sarah Campbell                                                           Mylinda Humble      


Grade 5 Winner Joonas Martin                               2nd Place David Brock                          


 Chanter Competition

Grayson Goodman



                             Winner Logan Gillespie

Shara Maikranz competes in the Adult Class

Strathspey and Reel Grade 4
Jayne Ferlitsch

On Deck with Steward Deb Campbell Lyon

New Strathspey and Reel set for Tim
Tim Riddle ready to play his 2/4 for Grade 3 comments

Jayne Ferlitsch and Michael Hubbard
Mylinda Humble
Big smiles AFTER the competition is over!

       Will Beattie and son Ethan
I think your low A is sharp...especially at the end of your tune.  Trust me, it's in my genetics.

I hope to see YOU at the next gathering on January 19!