Dec 1, 2018

Recap of November's Gathering

November Oregon Pipers Society

Patrick Downing was the adjudicator and featured performer for November's gathering on November 17, 2018.  

Patrick took his judging very seriously...

...but was then able to entertain the crowd with a selection of marches, jigs, hornpipes and Gordon Duncan tunes!
Patrick Downing and Will Beattie have it all under control
Eliot Grasso was also a featured performer and not only performed on the Uilleann pipes, but also whistle and flute!
Eilot warming up

Always a treat to hear the Uileann Pipes played so well!

Local Hero John Goff proved once again that Loud Pipes Save Lives!

The Competition

Flint Yoder competes in Grade 4...

...even though his wife Roseanne was in active labor.
  Congratulations to the Yoders on the birth of their son!
With her friend watching,
 Shara Maikranz competes on pipes
 for the first time in Adult class and wins!

Tim Riddle takes a 1st in Grade 4 and plays for comments in Grade 3

Kenneth Aitken is all smiles after competing in Grade 5

Fun Times with Friends

Emcee Eila

Clan Macleay

Colin MacKenzie - The Legend

Alan entertained us with his fiddling before the show began and then enjoyed the rest of the evening with his girlfriend and Victor and Laurie.

Bonnie MacKenzie, Mark Tomesetti, David Day, and Shona MacKenzie---like mother like daughter?

Craig Maxwell, Bill Farr, Craig Chisholm, Joe Beattie--the doctors prescribe liquid refreshments for all.

Colin, Eila and the delightful Maren

We like to see our friends come back each month!  And we're so happy to meet more!

Annette and Friends--
the regulars!