Jan 21, 2019

What a great start to 2019!

Jim Barrie was our judge and featured performer.  He had quite a task as we had 19 competitors this time!  Competition stretched past the beginning of the evening program, yet everyone had a good time because...you can never have too much bagpiping!

After a grueling afternoon and evening of judging, Jim entertained the crowd with several pipe tunes. 

He played his famous "Donald MacLeod"
hornpipe to the delight of the audience.  
His wife, Elsie, was on hand to sell some of these beautiful music books and CDs.

If you weren't there, here's  a little of what you missed!

The Eugene Highlanders were the Featured Band of the evening.  Under the leadership of Eric Albert, they performed a romping set of marches and toe-tapping tunes.  They added nice harmonies to some well-known standards, and performed really tight.  A highpoint was their rendition of a lovely slow air in which Eric started solo and then the band joined in.  It was beautiful and I wish I had recorded it so you could see it here.  Another reason to come to OPS!  Thank you, Eugene Highlanders Pipe Band!

Drummers in Action

The next generation of pipers enjoying the Eugene Highlanders and thinking "Maybe that will be me someday!"

Local Hero was Marco Caturegli from the Eugene Highlanders. 

 He had just played a full Piobaireachd in Grade 1 competition and then performed for the crowd.  (And then continued to play with the Eugene Highlanders!)  Whew!  Talk about stamina!

Marco came late to the world of bagpiping beginning in 1991 when he heard a busker in Victoria, British Columbia.  He moved from Mexico to Seattle in 2000 and started lessons with Jori Chisholm.  By 2003 he had been promoted to Grade 1 status.  It just goes to show you that it's never too late to start! 

Thank you for the music, Marco!

As mentioned earlier, there were 19 competitors!
Three on chanter, three for Grade 5, nine in Grade 4, one in Grade 2 and three fabulous pipers for the Grade 1 Piobaireachd.

David Brock competes in Grade 5 with his 2/4 march.

Please check out the Results page to see who won!

Ralph Drew warms up for his jig in Grade 2.

Flint Yoder prepares for
Grade 4 Piobaireachd Ground and 1st Variation.

And of course, there was fun and laughter with friends!

Michael Hubbard and Mylinda Humble...what are they up to now? wonders Denny Weber and Tom Watts.
Emcee Eila Chisholm welcomes the audience and introduces the performers.

OPS Board Member Tim Riddle welcomed Member Ginny Barry and her friend Mary.
Shara Maikranz is all smiles AFTER her competition!
(Does Tim know she got 1st place in Grade 5?)
Dan Dorsett competed in Grade 4 Piobaireachd -- and looks
happy it's over!
Two of the nine Grade 4 competitors
Steve Fowler from Corvallis and Robert Johnston ALL THE WAY FROM MEDFORD!
Speaking of Medford, here are three happy pipers with their Colin Kyo bagpipes made
by Murray Huggins in Medford, Oregon
(We should start a Colin Kyo Pipe Band!  Murray, will you be our Pipe Major?)

Tom Rankin, Douglas Lane, Charlotte Lane and Norma Rankin are loyal OPS supporters.  Thank you!

 And if hearing music wasn't enough to get you to OPS, look at
what Colin MacKenzie brought to share--

 This is at least 125 years old and was written by James MacDonald, the piper for Andrew Carnegie.

A Tune written for Oregon

The Highlands of Oregon

I wonder who the featured performer and band will be for the next OPS on February 16th?

Ed McIlwaine 


 Clan Macleay Pipes and Drums

See you on February 16th!  Competition starts at 4:30 and the evening program begins at 7:30!