Nov 20, 2019

OPS is thankful for all who attended the November Gathering on November 16, 2019

Congratulations to the 14 competitors who got great comments from Adjudicator and Featured Performer Aaron Malcomb! Check out the results page!


Aaron performed on the Great Highland Pipes as well as the small pipes and the border pipes.

The featured band was the Eugene Highlanders under the leadership of Pipe Major Marco Caturegli.

The Local Hero was Eric Albert.
More pictures from the November Gathering and information about our performers for December will be coming soon!  You won't want to miss it!

Nov 13, 2019

Aaron Malcomb, Eric Albert and the Eugene Highlanders for November!

The Oregon Pipers Society is pleased to present

 on November 16, 2019 

Featured Performer and Adjudicator


 Aaron Malcomb originally hails from North Dakota and has lived in Bellingham, WA since 2004. Aaron played with RMM adult bands and then Gr. 2 Maple Ridge Pipe Band through its transition to the New Westminster Police Pipe Band, taking 6th place at 2009 World Pipe Band Championships and winning the North American Pipe Band Championships in 2011. Now after a hiatus from band playing he is a new member of the Portland Metro Pipe Band. Aaron also has a keen interest in traditional music, inspiring him to take up flute, whistle, and bellows pipes. 

If you've been fortunate to hear Aaron play through his association with the Celtic Arts Foundation and Skye Richendrfer, you know you're in for a treat!

Featured Band -- The Eugene Highlanders!

Begun in 1953, founding members included Hector Smith, Pipe Major from Medicine Hat, Canada, Andrew Henderson, piper from Rothsay, near Glasgow, Scotland, Hollis (Holly) Hill and Pipe Sergeant Bill Alexander Gloria Allen, Canadian trained dancer and instructor, joined band 1955. Piper Phil White became band manager.

They began as the Eugene Highlanders Police Bagpipe Band (sponsored by the Eugene Police Department) and in 1957 were appointed the official Governor's Foot Guard (Governor's Guard) by Governor Robert B. Holmes. As such they played to welcome Senator John Kennedy to Eugene in 1958 and at other ceremonial occasions on behalf of several Oregon governors.

The Highlanders took many trophies for parades and celebrations throughout the state, from Astoria to Tillamook, Salem, Albany, Sheridan, Powers, Bandon, Florence and Walport, Pendleton and Burns, even as far south as Happy Camp and Dunsmuir in California.

The Highlanders wear Mackenzie kilts in honor of Oregon's Mackenzie River.

Hector Smith remained pipe major for well over fifty years until his death in January '08, making him the longest running pipe major in North America. 

Current leadership includes PM Marco Caturegli and Pipe Sargent, David Parkhurst.

Local Hero - Eric Albert

 As a youth, Eric received an LP from his mother--Scottish Bagpipe Tunes--which included "Lament for the Children," recorded by James McColl in 1958. The LP galvanized his interest in Piobaireachd.  Despite a late start at 27 years old, he quickly took to the pipes receiving excellent tuition from Don Lindsay, Iain Donaldson, Jake Watson, James MacGillivray and Willie McCallum. Attending the graduate business program at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh afforded a close piping relationship with Jimmy McIntosh and Alasdair Gillies.

Although his passion is rooted in Piobaireachd, Eric has played in numerous bands including 6 years with the Oran Mor Pipe Band under PM Donald Lindsay.  P/M of his local New York Grade 3 pipe band, Feadan Or and currently PM of the Eugene Highlanders.

Competing at the Grade 1 level, Eric plays a vintage set of 1921 Lawries, with a Shepard M2 Blackwood chanter and custom Mark Lee rocket reeds that deliver a consistant warm and balanced tone.

Eric travels frequently, specifying flight deck equipment for commercial and GA aircraft manufacturers. Married to Krysta with three grown daughters and Liam--a seven-year-old who loves the pipes but prefers the caber toss!

Come early to enjoy the competition--it starts at 4:30! 
(No drumming competition this month.)  
Stay for wonderful food and fellowship and of course,
 fabulous music from our guest performers!