Dec 29, 2019

Last Gathering of 2019 for Oregon Pipers Society


 It was a smaller group for the December gathering of the Oregon Pipers Society, but there were new faces and new members who were enthused to be there!  (And of course several of our regular attendees, but maybe with a little different look...)

Jori Chisholm was our judge and featured performer 

and brought his whole family! 

 And as you can see by their numbers, they doubled the size of the audience!

Nate Wahlgren and Ann Rosen

Before the evening program, there was the COMPETITION!

Ann Rosen started things off with her tenor drum exhibition accompanied by Nate Wahlgren.

Imanuel Walker competed on chanter.
Meanwhile, Will Beattie and David Wright worked the front desk.

And Will got a surprise visit from son Ethan and wife Simona.
Michael Hubbard puts in his order with bartender Dan Kelley.

Lots to choose from!
Flint Yoder tied for 2nd place with his Grade 4 Strathspey and Reel.

Shara Maikranz takes another 1st place in Grade 4.

Tim Riddle tied for 2nd in Grade 4.

Greg Rose competed with a 2/4 March in Grade 3.

Ralph Drew competed in Grade 2.

 And then there was the Grade 1 Piobaireachd!

Eric Albert
Nate Wahlgren took 1st place.
And some people sat out the piobaireachd part and caught up on their reading.

Good pizza!

Competition ended and then it was time for food and drinks!

Ralph entertained during the break with his medival German pipes.

Duncan Winters, a Grade 1 Piper at the age of 14, was the Local Hero.  
Duncan is a student of Jori Chisholm's and this was his last appearance before moving to Scotland to pursue his schooling and piping.

Duncan played a piobaireachd and then wowed the crowd with a few jigs.


 The next performers were from the 
Portland Scottish Fiddle Club led by Tricia Riley.

OPS member Alan Bonney did a great job and looks very focused!
Eila Chisholm was thrilled to introduce her son, Jori Chisholm, as the featured performer.

Proud Mother!

Jori and Duncan

Colin Chisholm, Jori, Duncan Winters, and Duncan Chisholm

It was a great time and fun was had by all who attended!  Don't forget the first gathering of 2020 on Saturday, January 18! 

And keep piping!

Dec 12, 2019

December Gathering Welcomes Old Friends and Great Music!

We welcome back Jori Chisholm as our featured performer! 

Jori Chisholm started piping in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  After competing for the first time at O.P.S., Jori has gone on to win many top solo prizes in the Pacific Northwest and around the world, including the United States Gold Medal (four times) and top prizes at Scotland’s Argyllshire Gathering, Northern Meeting, Cowal Gathering, and Royal Braemar Gathering.  Jori was a member of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band for 19 years and played with the band when they won the World Pipe Band Championships three times, including in back-to-back years in 2008 and 2009.

Jori is one of the piping world’s most prolific innovators.  Jori’s patented Tone Protector humidity-stabilizing reed storage products are used by thousands of pipers around the world, including many of the top winning soloists and pipe bands.  His other products include the Bagpipe Gauge, a tool for helping pipers learn to blow strong and steady, the The Piper’s Ultimate Reed Poker, a reed adjustment tool that helps extend the life of chanter reeds, and the Piper's Advantage™ Bagpipe Phone Mount, which allows pipers to attach their smartphone to their pipes.  In addition, Jori recently launched a successful and popular metronome app for pipers and drummers called the Piper's Metronome. 

He launched his website,, in 1999 and was the first in the world to offer live video bagpipe lessons via webcam.  Jori was featured on the front page of the New York Times on their story about the growth of online music lessons. His recorded audio and video lessons have been downloaded several thousand times.  Jori started the world’s first online bagpipe competition, World Piping & Drumming Championships, which has attracted over 1800 entries from pipers and drummers in over 20 countries on six continents.

Jori has taught pipers of all ages and ability levels, including complete beginners with no prior experience, champions competing at the highest level, young children, adults with busy careers, and retirees.   Over the past 20 years, he’s developed a teaching program that combines the very best of traditional teaching methods with the latest technology to help pipers learn efficiently -- using a combination of one-on-one lessons and access to his online teaching materials.  

Jori lives in Seattle with wife, Rachel, and their two sons, Colin and Duncan.

Local Hero is Duncan Winters!

When Duncan Winters was the age of 3, he was visiting his grandparents in Kansas where he saw a relative playing bagpipes and announced that he was going to do that someday.  At the age of 8, after asking his parents thousands of times when he could start playing the bagpipes, he began learning on the chanter with his instructor Jori Chisholm.   After helping set up his first set of bagpipes, Jori got to reveal the birthday surprise at a lesson when Duncan turned 9 years old.   

Shortly thereafter, Duncan moved from Redmond, Washington, to Grand Junction, Colorado, where he continued piping via Skype lessons with Jori.  Duncan has risen rather quickly through the ranks of the B.C. Pipers grand aggregate circuit, consistently placing in the top level of each grade.  He has won numerous competitions and awards throughout the U.S. and in British Columbia.  Of his many accomplishments, Duncan is most proud of winning the week two tune writing competition at PHSD in 2018.  He was also very pleased to finish the 2019 B.C.Pipers season ranked third overall in his first year as a Grade 1 piper. 

Duncan is excited to continue his piping adventures in Scotland, where he will be a student at Dollar Academy, in Dollar, Scotland, starting January 2020.  

Featured Band is the Portland Scottish Fiddle Club.

OPS is also pleased to welcome the Portland Scottish Fiddle Club for the evening performance! The Portland Scottish Fiddle Club celebrates Scottish fiddle music and culture through monthly meetings and annual performances. Led by Tricia Riley, members explore a wealth of Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Cape Breton fiddle tunes during their monthly meetings, hosted at member homes throughout the Portland area. The Club organizes the annual Columbia-Pacific Scottish Fiddle Competition at the Portland Highland Games, open to fiddle players of all ages and skill levels, along with the occasional workshops by celtic performers visiting Portland. For more information visit  or email

Tricia Riley

Piping and drumming competition begins at 4:30pm and entertainment begins at 7:30pm.  Food and beverage will be available for purchase throughout the evening, including pizza, salad, bread, and delicious homemade soup! You can wet your palate with Scottish Ales, Oregon beer and wine, or a soft drink. 

Admission is $5 for members and $10 for non-members. Kids 12 and under are Free One free admission is given with your new or renewed membership. Get the membership form here!