Volunteer with OPS--meet great people!

OPS is a volunteer run organization. Please consider joining us. We thank our volunteers for their work and dedication to OPS!

Contact info@opspdx.org to inquire about volunteer opportunities.

OPS Board of Directors: Kevin Kelley, Colin MacKenzie, Will Beattie, Deb Lyon, Jayne Ferlitsch, Eric Albert, Tim Riddle
OPS Supporter Patrick Downing with Will Beattie

Business Manager: Will Beattie
Membership: Jayne Ferlitsch

   Coordinator: Jayne Ferlitsch
   Registration: Jayne Ferlitsch
   Judges: Colin MacKenzie
   Steward: Deb Lyon

   Featured Piper: Colin MacKenzie
   Pipe Band, Local Hero, Ensembles: 
   Eric Albert
Colin MacKenzie
   Instructors: Colin MacKenzie, Will Beattie 

Hall Set-up/Close-up: Will Beattie, Micah Babinski
Kitchen: Michael Johnston
Bar: Scott TaylorKevin Kelley, Jennifer Campbell, Eric Albert
Front Desk: open
Master Chef  Michael Johnston

Jennifer and Rick Campbell

   Social Media: Jennifer Campbell
   Website and Email: Jayne Ferlitsch

Gordon taking those great pictures

Deb Lyon

Gordon Ferlitsch
Deb Lyon

Tim Riddle
Eric Albert
Jayne Ferlitsch is known by the company she keeps:
Andrew Wright, Stuart Liddell, Skye Richendrfer